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Subhajit Naskar

Subhajit Naskar is a photojournalist and visual artist based in Kolkata. He loves to capture every little emotion through his photography. The everflowing stream of human emotions has always moved him from inside. He believes that every photograph conveys a story. For him, photography is not only a hobby or passion but also a part of politics. He thinks that photographs are mirrors of human life and emotions. He was one of the finalists in Lensculture Street Photography Awards 2018 and Toto Photography Awards 2021. He also got honourable mention awards in 14th Black & White Spider Awards and 13th International Colour Awards. His works have been exhibited on various platforms including Polyphony International Photo Festival 2019 (Second Prize, Single Photo Category) | E-mail:

The Legitimacy of Homosexuality / Trans-sexuality is just a law passed in India. People from Queer Community are still seen through the same Point of View by society. As usual, they are still bullied and insulted in their workplace, on the streets at random. As if that was not enough, they are even assaulted physically now. The mindset did not change at all and the worst example of this is the families of the Queer People who are yet to accept their children as they are, with an open mind and stand by them. The enviable qualifications and qualities

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