The place has a name but intentionally left unnamed

This is about a place which is very different from the kind of place which I have been experiencing all over the years. Being upbringing in such a place where the weather, the environment, and the kind of people are very different from the place I am talking about. And mostly, being familiar and getting into a relationship with the elements around, which we don’t realise until we are set apart from them.

Here today is very different from yesterday. Every day here is with surprises. A cumulus seems to be coming close to meeting their new friend and trying to console him that he is not alone here. Before it left, it gifted me with the perfume petrichor as a welcome gift, which later I wore that day. But again the next day, my mind went back to the state of reminiscing, which lasted for some time until the curtains of the window were set apart. The ray of the nearest star gave a gentle kiss all over the body. A mixed feeling of eagerness and enthusiasm ran all through the nerves. It felt like a ray of hope which was hinting to me that there’s so much to live in here which I was missing just by getting into the state of reminiscing. At that very moment, I put on my shoes and set off to taste the place.

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