Ideas | Goals

There was an idea. An idea blooming upon the souls of a bunch of young photographers from India and Bangladesh. An idea to come together and create a platform for aspiring contemporary artists all around the globe. The idea took the shape of a beautiful Cocoon.

Run and managed by photographers from India and Bangladesh. Cocoon Art Magazine (CAM) is a platform to showcase the voices that matter. CAM provides you with the platform to present your thoughts through single images, photo-stories, journals, and much more. 


CAM is giving an open space for emerging artists all over the world to showcase their thoughts through photostory & single images. Visual languages deserve much more attention but somewhere gets drowned in this sea of cliches. We plan to promote those which have something new to offer. 


Besides this CAM will engage art enthusiasts from different fields to reveal their views on different aspects of visual arts through their articles. These ideas will raise questions and rethink their traditional understanding of art.


We also plan to arrange interviews with different visual artists based in South Asia. These interactive conversations will contain their journey, inspiration, lineage, and aesthetics. We believe these sessions will encourage young art enthusiasts.

We hope CAM to be a fruitful artistic experience for you.