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The Legitimacy of Homosexuality / Trans-sexuality is just a law passed in India. People from Queer Community are still seen through the same Point of View by society. As usual, they are still bullied and insulted in their workplace, on the streets at random. As if that was not enough, they are even assaulted physically now. The mindset did not change at all and the worst example of this is the families of the Queer People who are yet to accept their children as they are, with an open mind and stand by them. The enviable qualifications and qualities
Ankit Banerjee_Entropy_cover
“If we do not belong, what is home?” As per laws of thermodynamics— in an isolated system, the entropy can only increase. Most natural processes operate in such a way that energy can be transformed from one form to another: can be neither created nor destroyed, as it continuously flows from being concentrated to become dispersed.
Asadur Rahman Artist Poster
The greatest philosophical complex of mankind does not confine to the body or its location, to not past, present or future, rather it is far deep-rooted in such a place where you perhaps never make it but try hard, really hard to do so – that space, for the lack of a better word, or entity or the void, whatever it is, holds meaning, values, far truthful and significant than anything else there could be. Besides myself, everyone I believe, at one day perhaps in the most mundane of everyday moments, for instance,
Mine was a family as normal would define it until the 21st of February, 2017. My mother underwent an operation. After around six to seven months, she started feeling a pain in her lower back; a pain which would affect our future progressions. Someplace unknown, a silence existed which remained voiceless of our future fate. A few months later, a checkup showed that mother had not progressed much with her healing up instead she seemed to be approaching a state of paralysis. As much a physical tragedy it sounded…
Unorthodox I am caged in my own mind where time stands still. Nelson Mandela in his ‘Long walk to freedom’ quoted that, “there is no beginning and end of life at the prison.” The captives can only escape from prison through their imagination. The kingdom of imagination is independent yet so meaninglessly absurd. However ridiculous and intangible it is, the world of imagination is the only privilege a captive got. Quarantine made me live inside my head a lot. I felt unravelling slowly with every piece of news, with every sound of an ambulance siren. With every random noise,
My project is based on my friends and their childhood dreams. I have tried to visually represent the childhood dreams of my friends based on what they grew up to be and how their lives have changed. After talking to them and spending time with them I have reconstructed them and their dreams, with the image in my mind of how they might look now. The seven friends I have selected for my project are lower-middle-class Bengali citizens of this country, ..
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Gayswans is a depiction and awareness of my own self. The project underlines the spirituality you find in your inner self while looking past the banality of your routine. The effort of finding sexual persuasion and embracing oneself to the bone within the cemented walls of the places which I inhabited within myself and around me was the birth of self-appreciation depicted through the body of work. Self-portraits can be perceived as a narcissistic act wherein I come from a place of owning that narcissism and the acceptance of the body I am in.
Copyright_Bitan basu_Maidan
Cities we live and travel across eventually become familiar spaces. There are corners we know, avenues we get acquainted with, lush greens we grow fond of and even dark nooks and crannies we learn. Beyond all that is known, there is always another world of possibilities which quietly exist within a space we think we know so well. Almost unidentified and unseen, as if left to be found most mysteriously…
Image Copyright © Ankit Banerjee.
I failed at being one of the alpha jock boys— leather jackets, cool shades, obsessed with sports, and video games. I was bullied and made fun of in school for being too feminine as I played the piano, sang in the choir, flaunted my long hair, and was a disaster at every sport. Luckily, I grew up to not cave into biases and conformities based on gender binaries. For years I struggled with body image issues. I began experimenting with nude self-portraits since I was a school-going boy before I became familiar with the term…
Featured_Mushfiqur Rahman
There is nothing more beautiful and liberating than indulging in your (one’s) own pandemonium, nothing more reassuring of one’s existence, both spiritually and physically, and this belief of mine gave birth to this particular series. I find myself searching inside my bewildering and whirligig mindscape, questioning the objective reality every now and then. I am always apprehensive of my surroundings including the people around me, even my loved ones…

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