I am caged in my own mind where time stands still. Nelson Mandela in his ‘Long walk to freedom’ quoted that, “there is no beginning and end of life at the prison.” The captives can only escape from prison through their imagination. The kingdom of imagination is independent yet so meaninglessly absurd. However ridiculous and intangible it is, the world of imagination is the only privilege a captive got.

Quarantine made me live inside my head a lot. I felt unravelling slowly with every piece of news, with every sound of an ambulance siren. With every random noise, I felt panic, like I was slowly losing reality and escaping into a surreal place in my head. My mind swayed back and forth from realism to surrealism trying to find an escape.



Sah Rabee is a photographer born and raised in Bangladesh. He graduated from ULAB in Media studies and Journalism, his major was in digital production. Now he is pursuing his three years professional course in photography at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute. He has acquired numerous tactics from the workshops on the field of Digital Cinematography and filmmaking. 

He uses photography as a way of expressing himself and bringing out the best in his subjects. He constantly works on his own to experiment with new techniques, lighting, composition, and details. His major concentration is documentary photography. He commenced his journey in 2011 and he worked as a photographer at a renowned daily of Bangladesh, “Daily Sun”. He has been working as a freelance photographer at event farms and production houses in Bangladesh. 

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