The Afternoon Light Began To Wane

My project is based on my friends and their childhood dreams. I have tried to visually represent the childhood dreams of my friends based on what they grew up to be and how their lives have changed. After talking to them and spending time with them I have reconstructed them and their dreams, with the image in my mind of how they might look now.

The seven friends I have selected for my project are lower-middle-class Bengali citizens of this country, also most of them are jobless or in search of one. I have met all of them in school, some are intimate friends and others are casual friends. I visited their workplace or their current residence and have clicked a portrait of them and have taken an interview to ask them about what they aspired to be in their childhood and what they want in their adulthood and about their grievances. The seven portraits and interviews have been documented in the first section of the project.

In the second section of the project, I have visually represented how the years have changed them, how they have developed through all the years I have known them and how they are to me today.

The people I have worked on are not special, they are normal, like the other youth of our society, but through them I see myself, I see my stance in life, and I seek my ambition in life. I am trying to visually represent myself in society.

Anirban Pal


Anirban Pal is a photographer based in India. He has completed a one-year diploma course on photography from Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira. He did an intense workshop on visual storytelling mentored by Ronny Sen. His visual reference belongs to his very personal thoughts and emotions.

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