The plant outside, it blooms greenery daily – silently

Mine was a family as normal would define it until the 21st of February, 2017. My mother underwent an operation. After around six to seven months, she started feeling a pain in her lower back; a pain which would affect our future progressions. Someplace unknown, a silence existed which remained voiceless of our future fate. A few months later, a checkup showed that mother had not progressed much with her healing up instead she seemed to be approaching a state of paralysis. As much a physical tragedy it sounded, it slowly extended its effects to the depths of consciousness of all family members. She could not stand for too long, could not sit with crossed legs. ‘Ma’ became caged as the only partners to the gloomy concrete walls. The doctor had prescribed a few exercises which she tried to do as much as she could. It seemed she was slowly recovering, when on a fair day, in November 2018, my grandma while talking to mother; fell down from the sofa, breaking her hip joint. ‘Ma’ spent most of her time with grandma, being beside her all the time. I remember the day, 20th January; my mother stood with dark blank eyes staring at the lifeless empty bed on which grandma had left us. Creases on her face evoked sorrow expressed pain which had once like everyone else endeared life. “She left me as an orphan”, rang from her agony; then, there was silence. I took a break to refresh myself up. But somehow, an empty space in my heart maintained its constant existence. The events as it had stormed through our lives marked its immovable presence through a nothingness, an emptiness, an utter silence. But, life has to proceed, so it does.

The plant outside, it blooms greenery daily – silently.



Pratik Chakraborty is an Independent Photographer Based in India and also pursuing Networking Engineering. He is keenly interested in Contemporary Photography. He completed his Diploma in Photography from Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira, Belur math. His first workshop under the mentorship of Ronny Sen had changed everything to him about photography. He was one of them who participated in the National Geographic Photo Camp (2018) held in Kolkata. There he was mentored by Matthieu Paley (Worldpress Photographer) and Evgenia Arbugaeva. His work was published in Private Magazine apart from this his work also exhibited in  SRFTI Calcutta (Organized by Nat Geo Photo camp). 

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