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Asadur Rahman

Asadur Rahman is a visual artist based in Bangladesh. His work has been published on various online platforms like Dodho, Tagree, Revista Balam & Toulot Blogzine. Apart from this, his work was also exhibited at Rotterdam Photo Festival. He studied at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute. | E-mail:

Asadur Rahman Artist Poster
The greatest philosophical complex of mankind does not confine to the body or its location, to not past, present or future, rather it is far deep-rooted in such a place where you perhaps never make it but try hard, really hard to do so – that space, for the lack of a better word, or entity or the void, whatever it is, holds meaning, values, far truthful and significant than anything else there could be. Besides myself, everyone I believe, at one day perhaps in the most mundane of everyday moments, for instance,
Invitation Previous Next Often in life, it seems that we are in control of our activities, surroundings and we can plan, design and even produce accordingly. But with my experience of life, which I would not say differ by an extravagant amount than anyone of you, I would say that control is a myth, a defense mechanism we are programmed to use to deny the very harshness of reality, the truth of it. Ever since this epiphany, I haven’t even bothered to think about channeling my emotions or controlling them or life in general, I learned to let go.

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