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Behind Closed Blinds | Jeet Sengupta
As I began to search for answers within myself, questioning notions of belonging, memory and identity, I began to feel a sense of alienation from the space and people I had called home for as long as I can remember. With little to do to prevent my mind from flooding with self-doubt, I isolated myself from the world which seemed…
My father is a painter. From my childhood, I have grown up watching various genres of paintings. Hence I got interested in the formlessness in painting. Later when I grew up my interest shifted from paintings towards the medium of photography. But the factor of formlessness getting expressed through a visual medium interested me even more. With this growing interest my the journey began with a camera.
Invitation Previous Next Often in life, it seems that we are in control of our activities, surroundings and we can plan, design and even produce accordingly. But with my experience of life, which I would not say differ by an extravagant amount than anyone of you, I would say that control is a myth, a defense mechanism we are programmed to use to deny the very harshness of reality, the truth of it. Ever since this epiphany, I haven’t even bothered to think about channeling my emotions or controlling them or life in general, I learned to let go.

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