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Navid Nooren

Navid Nooren, is a practicing visual artist from Bangladesh. Originally a painter he converted his medium of expression to visual art after starting a career in the health sector, a doctor. His work concentrates on visual literature through light, colour and object. Navid uses his experience and observations from his surroundings, paintings, music & the plethora of people he interacts with as a clinician in his artworks. The range of his work includes but is not limited to essentialism (Navid’s take on minimalism), surrealism and fine-art landscape. | E-mail:

Cocoon_navid nooren_decaying nature
Endangered are the spirits of the forest. Harmless creatures worn around feeble bodies for the exposure of grandeur. Their cries are unheard by their wearers. Would they flinch if they could listen to the whispers? Would it stop them from slaughtering? Trapped underneath the putrid oils, rotting away in their providence…

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