Gum Dichromate is a 19th Century photographic contact printing process in which the image is formed on a coating of sensitized gum containing pigment. It is capable of rendering painterly images from photographic negatives. This historical method is quite versatile in nature and could be manipulated according to the artist’s need. 


The gum Dichromate process, like much photomechanical printing, depends upon the reaction when a dichromate salt is mixed with an organic colloid, e.g. gum or gelatin, that reaction is speeded up when the mixture is exposed to UV light. Exposure to UV light makes the mixture insoluble to water hence when the exposed paper is developed in water the pigmented shadows remain while the highlights are washed clean.

No of Participants: 8

What you will learn :

  • To prepare the chemical solutions
  • To prepare a paper for Gum Print
  • To control paper shrinkage
  • To make a digital negative
  • To make multi-layer multi-chromatic prints
  • To physically manipulate the print during the making


All the participants will be provided with:

  • Lunch, tea /coffee, will be provided during the workshop
  • Materials are necessary for gum printing.


Workshop Fees: 5000 INR

The last date of payment is 9th February 2022.