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Rajdep Dey

Rajdep Dey is a visual artist based in West Bengal. From Viswa Bharati, Santiniketan he has earned his MFA degree specialising in printmaking. In spite of being a printmaker, he has developed a keen interest in various mediums including lithograph, etching, woodcut, engraving and others. He also likes to push the boundary of painting medium by taking inspiration from his surroundings. Rajdep is always experimenting with myriad of art forms to convey his stories by mostly creating Mixed media paintings. He displayed his works at Art conclave, ‘Art Mart’, international Khajuraho Dance Festival 2018, organized by Kala Academy, Madhya Pradesh, India. | E-mail:

In recent times we all get to know each other very quickly which was not possible before. I remember, long ago in my locality there used to be only one PCO booth which was also a part of a grocery store. The shopkeeper used to come running out of the shop and cry out the name of the person who received the call in the neighborhood and everyone peeked from their ‘verandah’ to know who it was for.

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