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Sandip Dhara

Sandip Dhara is a Bengali author, resident of Tarakeswar, West Bengal. He has done B.A (Hons.) in English Literature. His primary interest lies in Bengali poetry. Some of his previously published books are 'Alo Vangche' (আলো ভাঙছে), 'Circus Theke Ar Ek Circus e' (সার্কাস থেকে আর এক সার্কাসে) , 'Somosto Sussrushar Kache' (সমস্ত শুশ্রূষার কাছে)  , 'Utsaber Dine Eto Sepai Ki Korche Gram-e' (উৎসবের দিনে এত সেপাই কী করছে গ্রামে). | Email:

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Sandip Dhara’s ‘Gonokoborer Deshe’ is a collection of fictional letters that is deeply rooted in harsh reality. There he repeatedly tried to highlight how innocent people who had taken up arms are crushed when two megalomaniac nations collide.

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