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Saumyakanti Bhattacharya

Saumyakanti Bhattacharya considers himself an investigator of philosophical ideas and finds contentment in reasoning with different approaches to art forms. He completed his graduation in English literature from Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira. His photo series ‘Allegory of the Body’ has been published in Private Photo Magazine. He has also worked as a writer in the 2018 National Geographic photo camp. | E-mail:

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“When filmmaking runs that deep, it never becomes familiar”. Scorsese’s remark on Kurosawa reminds us of how little we understand, not only of cinema but of life itself. Irrespective of all the disciplinary appreciations and criticisms we undertake, none of us can fully decipher an auteur’s philosophical foundation. Cinema, just like other major art forms has developed across continents – in cultures across the globe presents their respective identities. To be able to perceive works of such a vast domain demands…
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At the climax of his photographic journey, he becomes intimately personal, dissolving the rigidity of forms and structures. But the journey that took him to that place of an internal investigation is grounded in the revelations that different phases of his career provided him. Born in Calcutta, the genesis of Prabuddha Dasgupta’s career lay in his indulgence with portraits. He has produced both commissioned and personal pieces of work. Almost all of his color photographs belong to commissioned projects. Even then, irrespective of Dasgupta’s expertise,

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