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Sayantan Mandal

Sayantan Mandal is a Mechanical Engineer, currently working at a Thermal Power Plant. Apart from this, he considers himself a photographer and a cinema enthusiast. He likes to photograph the things happening around him. Photography and cinema is a kind of escape for him. He did an online course ‘Seeing through Photographs’ affiliated with MoMA. Sayantan believes in living the journey rather than reaching somewhere. For him, the process of growing is more important than growth itself. He aims to create work that is simple yet interesting to look at. | E-Mail:

Love and romance have never looked as intoxicating as they do in a Wong Kar-wai cinema. The director tells extremely atmospheric stories of restrained desires using dazzling visuals, mesmerizing colours, unconventional narratives and memorable songs. In his neon filled world of Hong Kong, a lonely soul drifts around, desperately trying to make a meaningful connection.

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