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Srotoswini Sinha

Srotoswini Sinha is based in Kolkata is currently pursuing BFA from Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan. She has exhibited her works in various national and international exhibitions through online and offline platforms. Her work engages with the commonly unnoticed or ignored tangible elements and how they put an intangible impact on our daily lives. She chooses these elements from pre-existing compositions or situations and arranges them in a way so as to create a whole new sense of being. Her approach towards this is to make art understandable to everyone as a connection that everyone would feel but experience them differently. She works on moods and emotions and represents them to bring up a dreamlike sense of existence if or when the design of the society comes in accordance with the optimistic dreams, moods and hopes. The rearrangement of the elements changes the mood and gradually evolves into an experience of the viewer. This whole concept is an experiment that she wishes to continue and develop into a more relatable state of mind.

reproduction of dream_poster
I work with common moods and emotions that everyone feels at some point and express them through a more permanent point of view. The works are based on real-life incidents, memories and scenarios. These are merely reshaped or reorganized and rearranged parts of the real world slightly distorted to match with a dreamlike sense of the past experiences or a future hope. This documentation of simple mundane elements evolves into a new experience for the viewers and develops into an experiment to create a more relatable state of mind with communicative intent.

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