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Regular encounters with the Immediate surroundings and personal interpretation of daily life are the basis of Arpan’s work. He questions & criticises the discrimination, political & economic state of society through research, documentation, and archiving. His works are process-based, and he uses the 19th-century photographic process to express his works.
In Conversation with Swapan Nayak Swapan Nayak is an India-based creative practitioner, with a deeply philosophical approach to the process of image-making. An alternative approach to photography along with 19th-century printmaking techniques using rock minerals has become his main area of interest lately. Swapan Nayak’s images are an attempt to capture a transitory otherworldliness and an expression of the joys of spiritual submission. He was awarded the National Media Fellowship (2002-2003) by the National Foundation for India, the Nirmaan Photography fellowship award in 2006, and the National Senior Fellowship in photography for the period of 2009-2011 by the Ministry
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For many of us, we have known Joydip Mitra not only as a photographer but also as a teacher. We love to mention him as a silent warrior too. Without anyone’s notice, he is travelling and photographing everything everywhere in our country trying to establish his political view till date. In the beginning, Joydip Mitra also as a teacher encouraged many of our Cocoon members to use cameras because at that time we would not dare it. He taught us to use cameras to tell stories, so we chose Joydip Mitra as a first guest for our new segment

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